A comparison of mercy and justice

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Difference Between Justice and Mercy

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What is the difference between Justice, Mercy and Grace?

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Difference between Justice and Mercy

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Mercy that doesn’t move intentionally in the direction of development (justice) will end up doing more harm than good—to both giver and recipient.

Difference between Justice and Mercy

Mercy is a. The inspired writers of the Bible recorded a remarkable amount of material about two characteristics of God: mercy and justice.

These two qualities, at first glance, might seem contradictory. Can a gracious, merciful God punish people? First, observe a portion of the biblical record of God’s mercy. Christianity is unique in that God’s mercy is shown through His justice.

Difference Between Mercy and Grace

There is no setting aside of justice to make room for mercy. There is no setting aside of justice to make room for mercy. Perhaps not, because justice also isn't the opposite of mercy: if we adopt the premises of virtue ethics as described by Aristotle, we would conclude that mercy lies between the vices of cruelty and uncaring, while justice lies between the vices of cruelty and softness.

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Justice vs Mercy. Justice and mercy are two human virtues that are mostly talked about in legal circles. Mercy is a virtue to forgive sinners, or those who are perpetrators of crimes, whereas justice is the principle of meting out punishment to criminals commensurate with the seriousness of their crimes.

A comparison of mercy and justice
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Justice vs Mercy: Difference Between Justice and Mercy