An experiment overview of ionization energy and metal reactivity trends

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Periodic Trends

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High School Chemistry/Ionization Energy

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Lesson 6: Reactivity Trends (Lab Work)

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Ionization energy

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Experiment 2 1 Chemistry Laboratory Experiment 2: Investigating Periodic Trends- Halogens and Alkaline Earths Introduction The beauty of the periodic table is its elegant way of listing elements to assist our prediction of. This leads to smoothly varying trends in properties such as ionization energy, electronegativity, ionization energy, and atomic radius as one moves both down the groups and across the periods.

Thus, the organization of the periodic table is useful for making predictions about an element based on its position in the table.

Aug 23,  · The experiment we did was about Periodic Trends. We determined the trend of reactivity of nonmetals down a group, the trend of reactivity of metals along a period and the trend of acidic properties of elements along a period.

The halogens used were Cl2, Br2 and I2. Metals used were Sodium, Magnesium (magnesium ribbon), Status: Resolved. However, since the ionization energy of guanine (in a GC pair) is 68 kJ less than that of adenine (in an AT pair), and since reaction 17 is thermodynamically unfavorable, it is unlikely that deprotonation would effect the location of the hole.

As the number of protons increase within a period (or row) of the periodic table, the first ionization energies of the transition-metal elements are relatively steady, while that for the main-group elements increases.

The effective nuclear charge mirrors and may explain the periodic trends in the. Experiment Overview The justification of this lab is to spot periodic trends in from SCIENCE at Legacy High School, North Las Vegas.

An experiment overview of ionization energy and metal reactivity trends
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