Dogon and kongo power figure

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Dogon Ancestral Nommo Figure – Mali

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Power Figure (Kongo peoples)

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African art

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Power Figure Nkisi N’Kondi – Congo

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It is subtractive in the sense that it. Kongo Christian King King Alfonso is the new ruler of Kongolese society after his father has passed away in ; Alfonso claimed the throne and ruled until During his ruling he sent letters to their new ally’s king, King Jodo III of Portugal.

It states that the Kongo needs aid from the Portuguese. The Kongo desires secular aid such as schools, and medicinal treatment. This rare and beautiful mid to late nineteenth century Power Figure (Nkisi N’Kondi: Mangaaka), originates from the Kongo peoples – Democratic Republic of the.

Sub-Saharan Africa

ART OF THE SPIRIT WORLD CLOSE LOOKING carved of wood for a kongo (pronounced KONgo) ritual specialist, this Power Figure was made in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the 18th century. Another group of Mandinka people, under Faran Kamara – the son of the king of Tabou – expanded southeast of Mali, while a third group expanded with Fakoli Kourouma.

A fascinating example of a nkisi can be found in a power figure called nkisi nkondi (a power figure is a magical charm seemingly carved in the likeness of human being.

Dogon and kongo power figure
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