Magnetic write and wipe boards

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Magnetic White Board

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Quartet Magnetic Strips, White, 25/Pack (MWS)

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Magnetic Concepts

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DIY Magnetic Board.

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A Magnetic Dry Erase Board Is a Durable and Versatile Writing Surface Magnetic dry erase boards have porcelain, melamine or glass surfaces that are long-lasting and easy to clean. A variety of frame materials, including sturdy aluminum or attractive wood, provide stable support and.

Writing is silky smooth and erasing is quick and effortless. No chalk tray needed; our magnetic pen and eraser organizer set simply “clicks”, right to the board. Also includes our custom glass “memo” magnets which allow these glass boards to double as magnetic tack boards as well.

Help make dates clear and visible for everyone with dry erase calendar and planning boards from Grainger. Choose from 1-month, day, 3-month and 4-month calendar boards as well as planning boards with grids laid out in as many as 41 rows. Use these white, erasable strips to easily create labels that stick to any magnetic surface, including whiteboards and filing cabinets.


These 2-inch long strips are great for organization, brainstorming sessions, team selection, and interactive diagrams/5(10). Open-Column ™ Magnetic Dry-Erase Whiteboard Systems Easy to set up and tailor the layout your own special way. Assign jobs, people, equipment, etc.

to stations, stages and groups. 6 board sizes.

Damp Erase Write On Wipe Off Magnetic Strips

4 column widths. 5 to 37 columns. The SchoolSmart Magnetic Wipe-Off Board is suitable for use at your home, office or school. These dual-purpose coated metal boards with durable aluminum frames feature a versatile design and can be used with magnetic letters, numbers, shapes and dry-erase markers.

This magnetic board can /5(7).

Magnetic write and wipe boards
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Magnetic Dry Erase Boards