Spirit slate writing and kindred phenomena pdf viewer

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Home Truths: Gender, Domestic Objects and Everyday Life

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The Cambridge Companion to Walt Whitman (Cambridge Companions to Literature)

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The "fumbling," the "manouvres," the "considerable interval of time" between cleaning the slate and holding it under the table, and the writing occurring on the opposite side of the slate to that on which the piece of pencil was placed, were all absent when I witnessed the experiment; while the fact that legible writing occurred on the clean.

A dollar could also get you a dozen 6x9" ungimmicked writing slates, or a single gaffed 7x11" writing slate. For further comparison of product-for-value, the $ price is also in line with what Hudson Tuttle charged for his slightly-more-complicated Psychographs around the same period.

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Spirit slate writing and kindred phenomena pdf viewer
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