Symeon metaphrastes rewriting and canonization of pope

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Symeon the Metaphrast

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CHRISTIAN HOGEL, research fellow, Byzantine studies, RI: Symeon Metaphrastes, Byzantine hagiography. LARS BOJE MORTENSEN, prof, medieval Latin, RI: Early and high medieval historio-graphy, Literature and learning in medieval and Renaissance Scandinavia. “Old Wine in New Bottles: The Rewriting of Saints’ Lives in the Palaeologan Period.” Twilight of Byzantium: Aspects of Cultural and Religious History in the.

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A monograph on the most important Byzantine redactor of saints' lives, this book offers a detailed study of the life and working methods of Symeon Metaphrastes, who was active towards the.

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(12) See Ch. H gel, Symeon Metaphrastes: Rewriting and Canonization (Co- penhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press, ) 86– Scrinium IV (). Patrologia Pacifica Thou Who by Thy glorious Ascension didst deify our nature which Thou hadst assumed and didst honor it by Thy session at the right hand of the Father.

Symeon metaphrastes rewriting and canonization of pope
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