Tourist typologies and travel motivations

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Motivation-Based Typology

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Typologies of Tourist Behaviour

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Tourist Typologies and Tourist Motivations - Essay Example

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Unit abstract

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Tourism Theory

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Typologies of Tourist Behaviour. For example,Middleton and Clarke () suggested there are six ways of segmentingmarkets in travel and tourism:1 Purpose of travel.2 Buyer needs, motivations, and benefits sought.3 Buyer and user characteristics.4 Demographic, economic and geographic characteristics.5 Psychographic characteristics.6 Price.

Hence, it is the aim of this paper to critically examine the different theories on travel motivations and tourism behaviour typologies and discuss their usefulness for practitioners involved in marketing and planning tourism.

TOURIST TYPOLOGIES 3 Demographic factors Travelling style distinctions Accommodation used Activity participation Destination patterns Length of stay Trip purpose Distance travelled Travel party composition Seasonality / travel time Travel arrangements: Documents Similar To Lit3 Moods and Motivations.

Plog’s Model of Typologies of Tourists

SOS PPT GROUP 7. Uploaded by. One of the best-known models in the travel and tourism field is one proposed by Stanley Plog. According to Plog, destinations rise and fall in popularity because they appeal to specific types of tourists over time, and follow a relatively predictable pattern of growth and decline in popularity.

Travel motivation theories can help us understand what motivation is, and what elements must be considered to understand it, and then interpret the different findings to understand the motivation of a certain type of tourist.

Modes of expression and travel motivation trends over time are crucial in determining the tourism offer, and represent a decision-making factor in production and marketing of goods and services.

Depending on the changes that occur in the motivations of tourists, we can determine consumer.

Tourist typologies and travel motivations
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Tourist Typologies and Tourist Motivations Essay