Translation and interpreting conflict

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Interpreting in Conflict Situations and in Conflict Zones throughout History

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Interpreting in conflict zone.

Mona Baker

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Responding to Subpoenas: An Interpreter’s Growing Concern

Panel members represent individuals who have been immersed in many aspects of interpreting in conflict zones, including one of the principal authors of Cyracom’s TITC curriculum, an O9L combat linguist from the 51 Translation and Interpretation Company at Fort Irwin, California, a military officer who has served multiple missions working with.

The Connected Interpreter: Integrating Interpreting and Translation into Medical Missions. The story of how professional interpreters were integrated into the planning and execution of a medical mission to Chiapas, Mexico, serves as a budding language access model that is adaptable to missions and disaster response efforts.

Even though my main activity consists of translating, proofreading and interpreting, I still work as a part time teacher, which perfectly compensates for a certain "loss of reality" that too much in-front-of-the-screen work tends to bring about.

Mona Baker, The University of Manchester, Centre for Translation & Intercultural Studies, Faculty Member. Studies Translation and Conflict, Translation and Activisim, and Sociological Models of Translation and Interpreting. Mona Baker is. Translating and interpreting conflict.

The United Nations Pays Tribute to the Work of Translators and Interpreters

-- The relationship between translation and conflict is highly relevant in today's globalised and fragmented world, and this is attracting increased academic interest. Myriam Salama-Carr The notion of ‘conflict’ is part and parcel of contemporary discourse on translation and interpreting, wherein debates are frequently couched in terms of dichotomies, tensions and cultural differences, or conflicting allegiances.

Translation and interpreting conflict
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