Travel and tourism management

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Qualification details

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Travel and Tourism Management (UCAS:M6Y6)

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5 Great Jobs With a Tourism Management Degree

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This industry is struggling moderate growth so the BLS paths that these jobs will be demand. There are tourism management jobs in many different sectors. Graduates who have either an undergraduate or graduate degree in tourism management will easily qualify for the five jobs below.

With a management course in tourism and hospitality, you could even pursue a career as a travel counsellor. This involves giving guidance to clients about the best travel destinations and any special offers that might get them better deals.

Today travel and tourism have evolved beyond an annual trip to the seaside. The age of mass tourism, whilst making travel affordable for all societal groups, has also created environmental problems on both a micro and macro level.

A degree in travel and tourism management prepares graduates for careers as travel agents, lodging managers or meeting, convention and event planners.

Jobs for travel agents are expected to.

B.Sc. in Travel & Tourism Management

A job in travel and tourism management can be an exciting career path if you enjoy travel. Working in this field gives you insight into exciting travel opportunities and access to deals that might not be available to the average person. 1.


With Travel and Tourism becoming an important area of activity, there is a need of Business Managers who are in a position to handle and promote this trade.

Travel and tourism management
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