Voice guider and medicine reminder

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Voice Appointment Reminders

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Voice Guider and Medicine Reminder

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MedCenter Alarm Clock - Up to 6 Daily Alarms

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The project can be seen more clearly in two different modules- medicine intake informer and voice guider. The medicine intake informer consists of RTC (DS), buzzer and 16X2 LCD display.

Voice Guider and Medicine Reminder

Memo24 is a phone reminder and alert system intended primarily, but not only, for medication intake compliance and adherence. The primary recipients for such reminders are elderly for whom text/SMS notifications or carrying an extra electronic reminder device are not viable and practicable solutions.

The voice guider consists of voice playback APR, speaker and IR receiver. The user will be provided with an ordinary IR TV remote. If the user is unable to do the things by himself or requires any immediate help, he can press any of the predefined keys in the remote.

Final Year Projects for Electronics Engineering Students

Reminder rosie personalized voice reminder clock is a talking alarm clock that records personalized voice reminders. Rosie clock for seniors is a voice controlled alarm clock with pre-recorded reminders.

Medication Reminder

Talking rosie alarm clock for medication reminder.5/5(1). Nov 12,  · • Choose from a library of free medication reminder sounds • Receive Rx refill reminders so you can restock your meds instituteforzentherapy.com Medication Guide.

instituteforzentherapy.com Look up drug information, identify pills and manage your medications. Medicine time! JMSoft Applications/5(K). Up to 6 Personalized Voice Reminders to Help Remember Meds, Appointment, etc. We have listened to our customers' many requests for an alarm clock type medication reminder that has a loud alarm, can "talk" in your own voice, and has a long alarm.

Voice guider and medicine reminder
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